Pomona Workers Compensation Appeals Board Lawyer

The Pomona Workers Compensation Appeals Board is located at:

732 Corporate Center Drive

Pomona, California 91768

Although the Pomona Workers Compensation Appeals Board is located within Los Angeles County it does serve certain zip codes which are actually within San Bernardino County. Our labor law and workers compensation operation does maintain an office in Ontario if your workers compensation case involves one of the below cities that is actually within San Bernardino County.

Even if you are a medical professional, it is important to have a workers compensation lawyer to assist you through the workers compensation process. Getting the right medical treatment in a workers compensation case is no easy task. Likewise, making sure the right doctor examines you for the purpose of what is called an agreed medical examination or independent medical examination is essential. A local workers compensation lawyer is much more likely to know the fairness and competency of a potential medical examiner. Issues also come up with subsequent or additional evaluations upon changes to injuries, and your rights under these circumstances will be compromised if you are not represented by an experienced workers compensation attorney.

If you have any questions about a work injury, a workers compensation claim that is already on file or might exist, or the quality of any medical treatment you are receiving for your work injury please contact our office at 1-877-525-0700.

Work injuries involve many different medical issues. An experienced workers compensation lawyer can advise you on:

  1. Whether your refusal to submit to a particular form of medical treatment is reasonable. Many times questions come up about whether a risky back or hand surgery is a good idea. If you have an injury that serious where you are wondering if you should have a risky surgery or medical procedure you MUST have a serious workers compensation lawyer who can consult with you on the legal ramifications of not having a surgery or medical procedure.
  2. Learn how a disputed workers compensation claim must be medically evaluated And what forms of treatment an employee must undergo.
  3. Why an employer or workers compensation carrier has the right to have a doctor other than your treating doctor examine you
  4. Whether doctors and pharmacies will be paid, or whether you are liable for their bills if you do not win the workers compensation case

If you were terminated from your job due to a work injury that may be classified as a disability due to its long standing nature, or for which you were entitled to Family Medical Leave CLICK HERE TO SEE INFORMATION ON HOW WE CAN REPRESENT YOU IN A CIVIL LAWSUIT ---> DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION PAGE AND/OR FAMILY MEDICAL LEAVE ACT.

Terminations of employment due to the exercise of your workers compensation rights may constitute what is referred to as a 132a penalty in the workers compensation system. Under Labor Code 132a an employer must pay penalties if they retaliated against you for filing a workers compensation case, seeking medical treatment, asking for medical treatment due to a work injury, or exercising any of your workers compensation rights.

We are taking calls from injured workers on work injury situations involving the Pomona Workers Compensation Appeals Board, Long Beach Workers Compensation Appeals Board, Marina Del Rey Workers Compensation Appeals Board, Los Angeles Workers Compensation Appeals Board, Van Nuys Workers Compensation Appeals Board, Oxnard Workers Compensation Appeals Board CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON OUR OXNARD OFFICE, Anaheim Workers Compensation Appeals Board, Santa Ana Workers Compensation Appeals Board CLICK HERE FOR OUR ORANGE COUNTY WEBSITE, and Bakersfield Workers Compensation Appeals Board CLICK HERE FOR OUR BAKERSFIELD OFFICE.

Please note the following zip codes pertain to the Pomona Workers Compensation Appeals Board:

Azusa (91702), San Marcos (91708), Chino Hills (91709), Chino (91710), Claremont (91711), City of Industry (91714), City of Industry (91715), Covina (91722), Covina (91723), Covina (91724), Rancho Cucamonga (91729), Rancho Cucamonga (91730), Rancho Cucamonga (91737), Rancho Cucamonga (91739), Glendora (91740), Glendora (91741), La Puente (91744), Hacienda Heights (91745), La Puente (91746), Rowland Heights (91748), La Puente (91749), La Verne (91750), Ontario (91762), Montclair (91763), Ontario (91764), Diamond Bar (91765), Pomona (91766), Pomona (91767), Pomona (91768), Pomona (91769), San Dimas (91773), Upland (91784), Upland (91785), Upland (91786), Walnut (91788), Walnut (91789), West Covina (91790), West Covina (91791), West Covina (91792), West Covina (91793), Walnut (91795)

Call 1-877-525-0700 to receive a consultation about the full range of legal issues involved with a workers compensation injury including: wrongful termination, disability discrimination, Family Medical Leave Act Violations, rights to reinstatement upon being able to return to work with or without restrictions, disability benefits for your work injury, medical treatment for your work injury, retaliation claims due to your use of the workers compensation system, and added penalties and fines against employers who have removed safety devices that would have prevented your injury.